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Send targeted campaigns to nurture and grow your sales.

Nurture your clients and start creating customers for life.

Galaxy Web Team offers full-service email marketing. We can provide a full spectrum of email marketing services, including custom email template designs, email campaign setup and deployment, email strategy, email automation, and much more. We work with companies of all sizes to deliver best-in-class quality service, production, and support.

What makes our email campaigns great?

  • Targeted
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Customer First Design
  • Clear Call-To-Actions
  • Automated Campaigns
  • Beautiful Graphics
"Galaxy Web Team is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is always very pleasant and professional, and is quick to respond to even my smallest requests for help."
Heather Daniel
MA, NCC, LPC, ATP Consultant

Case Study 1

According to mailchimp.com, the average open rate cross all industries is 20.81%. One of our clients was looking to increase traffic to their website and through email marketing we have increased their track by 50% with an eye opening 38.9% open rate! 

The best part?

Our client held an open house event and tracked his guest. 10% of his guests came because they received an email from his company. By creating interest through email marketing, we were able to cause customer action through a store visit!

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